Frequently Asked Questions

About member registration

For membership registration, help page,About registration / change / deletion of member informationplease look at.

If you think it's a bad product

Bramo has established its own "reliable standards" to ensure customers can shop with confidence.
For more informationPC is hereSmartphone is thisplease look at.

I do not receive an email

If you have trouble with mail from the shop, please contactI do not receive an emailplease look at.

About e-mail magazine

New e-mail magazine registrationHereFrom.

Customers who have already registered in e-mail magazine and wish to change registration information or stop distribution
・ If you want to change your email address, within My Page,E-mail address changeYou can change the address more.
・ Delivery of mail magazine delivery can not be done from My Page. Mail magazine registration pageEmail News CanceledYou can delete the registered content more.

I forgot my password

HELP page,Need help with login?please look at.

About point

HELP page,About the pointplease look at.

I want to send it as a present

In stores that support wrapping services, you can select the type of wrapping, etc., and specify the destination and send it.
In addition, if you can not choose by the store, there is also a product that is not eligible for wrapping.
Specifically, please refer to each store.
How to contact each storeHere

I want to check past orders

Bramo members only,Confirm past orderscan. As you can not refer to the past order history of the guest member, please be sure to refrain from the order ID issued when the order is completed.

New registrationHere

Advantageous sale information

E-mail magazines deliver valuable sales information and more. E-mail magazine registration is here

Other inquiries

Please contact each store for inquiries regarding products. If you have any comments or questions about this mallInquiry formPlease contact us.

Inquiry about other stores

Please contact each store directly for inquiries regarding stores.